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Schrauwen Machinebouw Zundert’s sowing machine is designed for seeding nursery seeds. Using these tree nursery sowing machines, seeds can be sown in rows or broadcast. Our sowing machines are hydraulically driven and very easy to adjust. These seeders can be used for a variety of seeds.

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Every sowing machine developed at our specialized tree nursery machinery company is very easy to use and accurately adjusted. For example, the four- or five-row seeder has a hydraulic adjustment that is easy to handle. Moreover, these tree nursery sowing machines can also be used for winged seeds and chestnut varieties. The mini-universal is a nine-row seeder that can sow widely up to one meter. We also developed a compost spreader that is hydraulically driven and has a steerable rear axle. This makes spreading compost over the seedbeds even more efficient! After seeding with our planting machines, you can protect your crops from diseases and give them an extra boost using a granular spreader. You can also use our mechanical weeding machines to keep weeds at bay.

Organize your seeding and harvesting process efficiently


In addition to a tree nursery sowing machines, you will find many other useful machines in our collection. Are you looking for new harvesters for plants? Then take advantage of our plant lifters. Are adjustments needed to one of the machines, or are you unsure if the engine is powerful enough for your soil? If so, please contact us at +31(0)7 659 713 29 or, and we will be happy to check in with you.

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