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Our bare root plant lifter allows you to quickly and safely uproot and lift large numbers of plants. At Schrauwen Machinebouw Zundert, we have developed professional equipment that works efficiently without damaging the delicate roots of your nursery trees. You can easily lift thousands of plants a day with our high-quality materials.

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Our bare root plant lifter makes harvesting your trees easy

Our company has developed a variety of harvesters for plants that can quickly uproot your trees without damaging their roots. For example, you can use our undercutting machines to accurately prune the roots of your plants before uplifting them with our bare root plant lifter. Our plant lifters feature hydraulic lift and depth control. This allows you to adjust your machinery to the plant that you are harvesting. Once the machine has picked up the trees, it carefully shakes them free and lifts them out of the ground, without damaging the roots.

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Take a look at our wide range of tree nursery machinery and find a bare root plant lifter that fits your needs. We sell our machinery to nurseries across Europe, and we have also worked with nurseries in America. Contact us by calling us at +31(0)7 659 713 29 to learn more about our shipping policies or to discuss the customization of your equipment.

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