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At Schrauwen Machinebouw Zundert, we have developed a professional plant lifter that allows you to carefully harvest your plants. You can easily and carefully uproot various plants with our high-quality machinery. These machines are available in a variety of types and sizes, so you can always find the right equipment for your crops.

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You can customize your plant lifter to fit your needs

Are you looking for a plant pick-up machine that can easily harvest your nursery plants without damaging them? At SMZ, we have years of experience in developing high-quality nursery plant harvesters. Our plant lifters have been developed with plant nurseries in mind. Our plant lifter has a high capacity to make harvesting more efficient and it can be customized to fit your applications. After harvesting your trees, you can use our rootball netting to keep your trees safe during storage and transport.

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Are you interested in buying a high-quality plant lifter from our collection? Or are you looking for other equipment, such as efficient planting machines? Contact us by calling us at +31(0)7 659 713 29 and ask our experts for advice. They will gladly help you to find what you need and discuss customization options with you.

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