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The ferrous pallets available from Schrauwen Machinebouw Zundert are fully galvanized. This makes nursery pallets less susceptible to corrosion and, by extension, rusting. Especially for use in nurseries, this is a great advantage. In this way, the pallets remain of outstanding quality and are easy to clean.
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What are ferrous pallets used for?


Ferrous pallets are used in the plant industry to allow transportation of trees, plants and crops after they are bound. The pallets are available in both small and large versions. Use the pallets together with stacking or plate racks, for example, for optimal transportation of your trees. In addition to ferrous pallets, we sell several nursery machines to automate your business. Think mechanical weed control, but also seeding equipment – if you need it at the nursery, we’ll make it.

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